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New Location!

Hello Co-op Families,

The start of co-op is quickly approaching and we are excited to announce we are moving the location of our co-op to The Sherman Church of the Nazarene. 

I’m sure you have many questions and we will be happy to answer all of them. About a month ago Pastor Eric Hansen stepped down from his position as lead pastor of iWorship Center. We had discussed the option of our co-op continuing to meet at the iWorship building but after much prayer we have decided it would be best to move on.

We have been actively looking for a new location. We did not want to say anything until we knew for sure what we would be doing . We did not want to worry any of you needlessly. Please know that theinterim pastor who took over iWorship has been very helpful and kind. iWorship is going through a lot of changes and have things to settle and our team just felt out of courtesy to them it would be best to secure a new location.

We are so excited about the Sherman location we wanted to find a place that was close to where we have been currently meeting. Our team has been to the location several times and it will provide us with more options than we had before. The gym is amazing and so large plus they have a huge area outside for our kids. They have kitchen!! We will be allowed the use of the kitchen. They also have a nursery for our moms and they are making it available to us. For our pre-k teachers they have a wonderful pre-k room for our little ones.

The staff at the Sherman Church of the Nazarene have been so welcoming to us. They are excited to have our large group each week. We have assured them we will take very good care of their church. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. For those that are teachingwe would like to arrange a time for all of  you to come to the church and see the facility before co-op starts. We will contact the teachers and let you know which day next week we can meet.

One more item to discuss. We have lost one of our teachers for the fall. Kara Johnson has a family situation she needs to put first in her life right now and we have wished her well and hope she will be back with us next semester. She was going to teach “Cooking through Geography”, she has graciously given us her lesson plans prepared for the semester. We are looking for any moms who would be interested in teaching one week or two during the semester. Please let us know ASAP if you would be interested.

Know that we continue to pray for our organization and place it before the Lord. We pray for all of you. We know that God has always been in the center of our group and He continues to provide for us.

Tammy Fitch
Jill Koch
Jamie Barros


Join us for classes at

Sherman Church of the Nazarene
7085 Village Center Rd
Sherman, IL 62684

We will be touring the new location Wednesday August 30th from 10-12 for any teachers or families that would like to see the new facility.

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